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[IP] Re: Carrying Test Supplies

Hi - Zachary's Mom and anyone in school or with school aged children:

I experienced a problem similar to this several years ago when my middle school stopped allowing students to wear book bags to class and I was unwilling to return to wearing the fanny pack that I had felt it was a stigma to wear in elementary school.

What I did in this situation was to put all of my "diabetes stuff" in one of those fabric pencil cases with the binder holes in it and carry it on top of a stack of books or hooked into one of my binders as many of the other kids did with pencil cases containing actual pencils.  I liked this idea because I did not have to have a special exception made for me so that I could carry a bag while my friends could not.

If your BG meter is too large to work with this idea or you want to carry larger snacks with you, they make "zipped" binders in various sizes and with all sorts of pockets in them - If you were to put your snacks and meter in something of this sort you could carry it as another book (although this could be a problem - they didn't allow us to bring books into the cafeteria)

also, for gym class I used to roll a roll of "smarties", glucose tabs or other candy into the cuff of my sock so that I would have something immediately available "just in case" (our uniforms had no pockets)

Hope this helps (sorry its so long) 
Good luck in the new school year   =v)
(I haven't posted before but started pumping about a month ago and have been reading all the posts.)
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