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[IP] I'm questioning my last A1c

I just got my A1c and it was 6.9 (the highest it's been since I've been on the
pump in 5years).  The one prior to that was 5.9.  Now, 6 months ago, I
questioned the 5.9 (that was the lowest A1c I've had since on the pump) and I
was wondering if it was slightly erroneous since during that previous 3 month
period, I had had a very very low bg (somewhere in the teens).  I had also
moved, so the lab was new to me.  And I know that labs can vary.  So then
after another 3 months the next A1c is 6.9.  Way higher than normal and my
blood sugars have been averaging around 135 (and I test around 8-10x/day).  I
usually run A1c's of 6.2 - 6.5.....Why so much of a change now?  I almost want
to have the last A1c repeated.  It looks so bad and I just have this feeling
that it's wrong.
What do you think?
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