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[IP] Maryland hypo diabetic charged with vehicular mansplaughter

Having just posted about how I do still have lows, no matter how well I try 
to keep in control, I thought others might also be interested in this story.  
(Was in Washington Post this weekend -- should be on website.  Also on all 
the local tv news).  The woman was reported to have been swerving before she 
hit another car, causing an accident that killed 2 people.  The report was 
that she said she, diabetic for 23 years, was having a hypoglycemic event (my 
friend heard a tv report saying her bg was 46, but it was unclear to me when 
that was supposed to have been taken.  That same report said her morning test 
had been something like 130).  The stated State position was that a diabetic 
has a responsibility to take control of her condition; that she had food in 
the car, and should have eaten it.  The charge carries a possibility of 10 
years in prison.

I don't really have enough information to form a judgment on this particular 
case, (questions, yes <gr.>) but, boy, it is indeed a *reminder* to test 
before driving, and to not drive if I am questioning my competence (like 
those times when my bg is normal but I don't "feel" quite right?  and  a half 
hour later my bg is low?).  I hope it also works that way for my friends who 
don't test before driving.  (And everyone else who feels overcompetent about 
their driving abilities, for whatever reason?)

Linda Z 
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