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[IP] Re: Crack Pot Cures and A1C's

In a message dated 8/5/02 email @ redacted:

<< the periantologist believes it should stay below 5.8 if I want to get 
pregnant again <snip> How many can keep the A1C  under 6 without the lows?>>

Well, those people who can stop needing insulin by diet and exercise could 
probably keep the A1c under 6 without the lows.  And it's probably easier to 
do if you produce even SOME insulin.  But if you are depending exclusively on 
exogenous insulin, for many of us it is really, really hard (maybe 
impossible? Close to it, anyway).  As someone who tends toward the 
obsessive/compulsive about diabetes control (average 10 tests a day, routine 
weighing and measuring of food, regular exercise, a lot of knowledge of how 
my body works from 47 years of diabetes, nearly 4 on the pump and 14 on MDI 
before that), I certainly don't achieve it.  Before pumping, with HA1c under 
6 I didn't always wake up in the mornings <gr.>, but with pumping, I have 
managed to avoid any lows I couldn't treat myself, and have varied from 4.9 to
 6.1.  But I certainly sometimes have lows that interfere with my 
activities/abilities/energy/temperment.  I have no doubt the effort is worth 
it for me, just in how I feel, even with the lows <gr.>.  Of course, if I 
knew of a better way, I'd take it! <gr.>

Incidentally, people do seem to vary in rate of glycosolation -- a 5.8 for 
some people is a different level of control than for others (and, of course, 
lab normals vary. too).
And what IS a periantologist? <gr.>

Linda Z
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