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[IP] Crack Pot Cures and A1C's

I had to throw in my two cents worth on the wacky cures......  I just had my
follow up visit with  the periantologist who informed me that his friend was
able to completely stop using insulin after following a strict diet and
exercise plan.  I "politely" asked how long this person was using  insulin
(supposedly for some time) and then reminded the "doctor" that I don't make
insulin anymore and that no matter how much I exercise or don't eat, I will
ALWAYS need insulin.  Even the doctors don't always get it.......

Another side note---- my last A1C was 5.6.   I was very happy with that since
I was told to keep it under 6 with the  pregnancy.   The endo seems to think
that keeping it at 6 is better because of lows, but the periantologist
believes it should stay below 5.8 if I want to get pregnant again.  I have had
a ton of lows, but lows are so manageable on the pump.  My basals are still
being readjusted, but I'd like others' opinions....... How many can keep the
A1C  under 6 without the lows?


Diabetic for 30  years--- no complications( by the grace of God) and a new 7
week old baby
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