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[IP] Re: DKA

> They say that the kids have to learn
> to go on in life in spite of having days when they feel yucky.

Although that makes sense to an extent, I think there's a difference
between "feeling yucky" because of diabetes, and being so out of control
you're starting to go into DKA.  In the latter case, IMO making sure the
child is carefully monitored is more important than missing a day of
school (if he ends up hospitalized, he'll be missing more than just one
day!).  I mean, parents keep their kids home because of a cold or sore
throat all the time -- and I'd say diabetes w/ high sugars and large
ketones is a little more serious than a cold!

You don't want him to use his diabetes as an excuse for not
participating in life.....but you also don't want him to think his
health and self-care should take a backseat to whatever else might be
going on in his daily life.

> He very rarely vomits and this seems to be the guideline that the
> diabetes center is using  -- if he vomits he goes home.

Obviously I'm not an expert, but according to the "Pumping Insulin"
book, large ketones plus vomiting are grounds for an immediate trip to
the ER.  I'd think you'd want to get the situaiton corrected BEFORE it
gets to that point!

Anyway, I don't have kids, and the only time I've been in DKA is when I
was diagnosed (at which point there was no question about whether I had
to be in the hospital!)  But those are just my thoughts on the

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