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[IP] dad wants to hook himself up

Nancy, if he is the least bit clever and has read about how to set 
basals, just set the basals lower than what you think they should be 
and when you go a little high, just increase them slowly.  It's easy 
to do it yourself if you just use a little common sense.  Bolusing is 
the same as he'd be doing already if he's counting carbs.  I did it 
and I know many other pumpers who did it themselves, too.  One was 
too chicken to tell MM, so she disconnected the day the trainer came 
and put on a good show acting like a naive dumb diabetic ;-)  That's 
a good way to to circumvent the insurance issues.  Anyway, the bottom 
line is that it's not difficult at all, despite what MM says. 
Companies also tell you terrible things will happen if you don't wash 
your fingers before doing a poke and to discard the lancet after each 
use.  And dont' ever reuse a disposable syringe, and discard insulin 
28 days after the first withdrawal,   etc.  you get the picture,,,

My father just got his new Minimed pump and was toying with the idea of how to
hook himself up.  (he is a fairly independant and impatient man)  I have been
pumping for 4 years now and I told him that he had better not.   Actually my
exact words were " ha, only if you sign a waver! I have no idea how to figure
what basals you would be on you and we had better not mess with it....wait for
you appointment."

So hears my question to you all......is it possible?  I am not going to tell
him that I asked, but I was just curious if it was possible. Nancy>>>>>>>>>>
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