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[IP] Re: DKA

.  No child should have to deal with feeling that way to
begin with, it's awful... and these people want to make the kid go to school
top of it?  No way. 

It's not the school that says this.  I think they would prefer I take him or
keep him home when he has large ketones.  But according to our diabetes team,
diabetes is NO reason to miss school.  They say that the kids have to learn
to go on in life in spite of having days when they feel yucky.  Perhaps I am
misunderstanding them, but these were pretty much the exact words that they
used in a back to school presentation that I attended last week.  Yet, I am
so afraid that Cory will not be monitored as closely as he needs to be during
this time.  He very rarely vomits and this seems to be the guideline that the
diabetes center is using  -- if he vomits he goes home.
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