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Re: [IP] Re:504 plans

Gail,  You can add WA state to that list.  We now have Guidelines for the 
Care of Diabetic Children in Public Schools.  It does not include specifics 
about pumping but pumping is mentioned.  My suggestion to  ANY parent with 
school-aged children to contact their local ADA office and see what there is 
in their state.  Also request assistance from the legal office of the ADA for 
any problems you may be geting from the child's school.  Just the threat of 
this is enough sometimes to get the school officials to back off and allow 
the parent to have some say in their child's care at the school.  Josh is 
still the only pumper in his district and we have had NO problems concerning 
the pump.  But the principal was wanting all BG checks to be done in the 
office.  That was before I found out about our regs.  Josh is now allowed to 
check BGs when ever, WHERE ever.  As for bolusing only in the office I have 
two initials for that scenario....B.S.   If your child is responsible enough 
and knows how to figure out his ratios then a bolus can be given while 
walking down a hall for goodness sakes.  That is the beauty of the pump, 
simplicity.  Get your endo involved and work out the details of the 504.  
Last time I checked an MD has veto power over ANY RN.

mom to Joshua who has veto power over our school RN anytime!!!!
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