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Re: [IP] Strength and Volume

> From: Sue Kinzelman <email @ redacted>
> What I
> was trying to get at is that it sounds like the volume of dilutant  vs.
insulin is
> what determines the strength.  So therefore there exists somewhere a
"pure" insulin
> (before it is mixed with a dilutant)
> Are the syringes for different strengths marked off differently? I think I
> learning about different colored caps way back when I was diagnosed. So
the orange
> cap syringe must be used with the orange cap insulin . Except humalog
breaks the
> rule and its cap is cherry red even though it's used with an orange capped
> Hmm this could get complicated.
> So therefore it is the size of a "unit" that varies with strength. So if
you know
> the strength of the insulin concentration,  you could improvise like in
> emergency in another country?


The *pure* insulin is called U100 - the common strength. ;) Diluting it half
strength makes it U50. The syringes used for U100 are U100 syringes. That is
the important part - The *U* must match the syringe and the insulin
strength. Back when there were the U40s and U80s and U100s came on the
scene, it was VITAL that the *Uxx* matched. A unit is a unit of strength,
but you are correct that the *volume* is different. I *believe* the U100
should be worldwide. However, if another country offers U80 (?), then they
MUST offer U80 syringes. If you injected 20 (?) units of insulin of whatever
kind of U100 in the States, you would use a U100 syringe. In another
country, that would still be 20 units of U80 *but* on a U80 syringe. The
volume would be a little more, but the markings adjust for that. I would NOT
recommend using a U100 syringe to measure 20 units of U80.

HTH (~_^)

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