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Re: [IP] crackpot cures and other peeves

> I get frustrated too when people come up with these off the wall ideas or
> misconceptions.  One I get bugged about is the constant corelation between
> and excesive weight, poor nutrition and non excercise.  I have T1 and hate
> when people think that I use to be over weight and that I brought it on
> myself due to poor habits.  I am the only one in my family, I am an
> and was priro to D.  It just happened, I did not cause it I can't make it
> away.  And if one more person tells me how it must stink to not eat cake
> candy, I will scream!  Or the person in the office who ofers me something
> then pulls it away and says,"Oh, you can't have that."  Most places are
> getting better, I too was at Disney recently, and have done a lot of
> I have had some trouble getting into monuments in DC.  Usually once I ask
> a supervisor it is ok.  Sorry to take up so much space, but this is a
> that hits home.

dunno if this bugs other people, but for some reason i get really annoyed
when people go on about how scared they are of needles, and go on and on
about it.  a couple folk i know seem almost proud of having to be bribed
into getting vaccinations, or that they have to be held down to get a
another big peeve is when people make comments regarding my attention to my
d.  i'll admit, i do talk about it sometimes, but i don't try to make it
into a pity thing, i joke about it some, but if there's something new or
interesting to me about the d, i'll talk about it.  maybe they don't
understand that d really does affect almost the entire life, and that if i
don't pay attention to it, i can get sick or have nasty complications.  one
girl once said something along the lines of "i don't know what the big deal
is, my sister has epilepsy".  ???  did i ever say that epilepsy wasn't
serious?  ugh.

on the brighter side, my parents have said that they will help pay for the
pump and the supplies until i finish university and get a job (i'm aiming
for the federal gov't here in ottawa, since the benefits are good, and the
work can be interesting).  mom's an RN, and she understands the need for me
to have better control that i'm just not getting with the regular and the
intermediate shots. i don't have any insurance right now to speak of, only
the university plan, which stinks.  $200(can)/year allowed for supplies.
that gets me maybe a month and a half.  $2000/year medication.
my prison guys (i volunteer with a lifer's group in a penitentiary), or at
least those i've told, think i'm tough since i can put 4 teeny needles in
myself each day.  :)   they're generally more openminded than a lot of
people outside.  they'll ask questions, not just assume that i can't have
candy or things like that, and keep an eye on me to make sure i don't go
hypo.  they always make sure that there's a diet pop for me when i go in -
which comes out of their tiny pay.  it's greatly appreciated.

i ramble i ramble.  just a few weeks until i see the endo, and ask her to
prescribe me the pump.
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