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[IP] crackpot cures

I get frustrated too when people come up with these off the wall ideas or 
misconceptions.  One I get bugged about is the constant corelation between D 
and excesive weight, poor nutrition and non excercise.  I have T1 and hate 
when people think that I use to be over weight and that I brought it on 
myself due to poor habits.  I am the only one in my family, I am an athlete 
and was priro to D.  It just happened, I did not cause it I can't make it go 
away.  And if one more person tells me how it must stink to not eat cake and 
candy, I will scream!  Or the person in the office who ofers me something 
then pulls it away and says,"Oh, you can't have that."  Most places are 
getting better, I too was at Disney recently, and have done a lot of flying.  
I have had some trouble getting into monuments in DC.  Usually once I ask for 
a supervisor it is ok.  Sorry to take up so much space, but this is a subject 
that hits home.
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