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Re: [IP] Re:504 plans

Helen - even nurses and doctors do not understand this disease until they've 
lived it as we all have.  People tend to believe you are not disabled unless 
you "look" disabled - we all know our kids can be very abled one minute and 
totally disabled the next.  Diabetes is a very unpredictable disease and no 
one seems to understand that.  My 33 yo daughter has applied for disability 
(I know this is a touchy subject) but even tho after 32 years of diabetes she 
doesn't "look" disabled and thankfully has had no major complications, she 
feels bad a lot of the time - this disease has affected every system in her 
body to one degree or another - you know, just feels crappy a lot of the time 
- gets a little rest - then is good to go - she's raising 3 kids, one of 
which is Type I and has a mild form of CP where she can walk, but balance, 
climbing, running is affected, not much muscle mass in her legs, very fragile 
child, etc.  So there is no way my daughter can work, take care of her D and 
3 kids, esp. the one with D and CP.  She is in reconsideration process - they 
have scheduled an appt with their MD and a psychologist - maybe they think 
she's crazy, who knows - we'll see if she is approved and someone out there 
finally agrees diabetes is a diability. (I know we don't like to think of our 
kids as being disabled because that seems to put another label on them but my 
daughter did work at one time in her life and contribute to the social sec. 
system, she needs the extra money for Rx's, etc. so I say go for it - they 
need all the help they can get).   Tammy

In a message dated 8/3/02 9:44:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> .  She was told by the nurse that
> > diabetes is not a disability.  If any one has 504 plans already
> > personalized or health care plans for the pump.  I would appreciate
> > copies,  you could email me directly.  Thanks    Helen
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