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Re: [IP] Long Tubing

Pumping is going great so far.  I have only had 1 # over 200 as opposed to at 
least 2 per day before pumping.  And I have only had one low since I started. 
 At least 90% of the time my #s are between 80-130, which is much better than 
the 180-190 I was averaging before pumping.  I actually don't think that I am 
going to switch to the longer tubing.... I think it is easier to sleep with 
the longer tubing because when I just throw it into bed with me there is more 
slack to let it go where I go.  Also, I think it is easier to shower with as 
well; I can just put it on the shelf in the shower and not worry when I move 
in the shower that it will get pulled and dropped onto the hard shower 
floor-but I guess it just depends on your preferences.  I really don't have 
any trouble putting the excess tubing down my pants or in my pocket. Good 
luck with pumping- I know you will love it!
         Pumping since 7-18-02 with my blue paradigm "Lancelot"
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