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[IP] Testing nondiabetic kids

My daughter is now 3 and I test her about once a month.  She does not get 
traumatized by the finget poke.  I set the poker on 1 (I use the AccuCheck 
Soft Clix) and we make a game of it.  

I numb her finger with ice and poke.  She likes hearing the machine beep and 
waits patiently for it to blink a number at her.  She knows the difference 
between 2 and 3 digit numbers and she knows that if she has a 2 digit reading 
that she is good to go and runs off and does her 3 year old things.  

She has never had a reading over 115.  And this number is within an hour of 
her drinking lots of juice.  I try and make sure I give her something with 
sugar in it before I test her, because I think that is the ultimate test.  

She also knows that when she goes to the doctor that she is most likely going 
to get a shot so she puts on her brave girl face and marches in there and 
pulls up her pant leg and lets the doctor give her her shots, she pouts for a 
minute or two and knows that if she doesn't cry and throw a tantrum that she 
will get a surprise.

mom to Jordynn who is now 3
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