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Re: [IP] Testing nondiabetic kids

Yes - daughter checks her non-D children - one is her husband's daughter whom 
they have residential custody of - the mother is trying to get her back - and 
when she found out my daughter checked the girl's blood sugar - she 
complained to her lawyer and they even listed that as a reason in their 
Motion to Change Residential Custody - obviously, they are really having to 
reach to regain custody - judge dismissed their "complaint".  Do you know how 
furious that made me - first of all, testing her blood sugar is a GOOD thing 
- and it was FREE - secondly, my Type I D daughter and g-daughter have to 
check blood sugars 6-10 times A DAY EVERY DAY for the rest of their lives - 
so I don't think one little test is going to hurt the girl!  Tammy

In a message dated 8/2/02 10:18:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I called my endo's office and was told that bg should normally not be
> higher than 140.  She also said that a diagnosis of diabetes is not made
> unless blood sugars are 200 or higher.  I'm just really concerned that
> maybe both of my kids are on their way to that diagnosis.  I was 14 when
> diagnosed.  Should I be concerned?  Does anyone else test their
> nondiabetic kids; and, if so, what are their blood sugars?
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