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[IP] Re: crackpot cures

What a nightmare!  Just when you think you can have a decent, intelligent 
conversation with someone, they say something stupid like that - the other 
night I had my g-daughter (7 yo Type I) at a privately owned miniature golf 
place and the owner and I were talking - diabetes came up I think because she 
wanted some candy -  he said he had Type II, which we all know is totally 
diff. than Type I - he said "won't she outgrow that?"  Usually, I am fairly 
polite and I still was but I became a little aggressive (only in my tone of 
voice) and I said no, you don't outgrow Type I and then I started to eduacate 
him (he needed it) and took about 1 minute (I can get a lot into one minute 
re: diabetes - I have my speech down pat after 32 years (my daughter's had 
Type I that long) and then I left feeling better - I had set a good example 
for my g-daughter - I had educated someone re: Type I and I didn't leave with 
a feeling that I let this man tell me something I knew wasn't true)  So 
there!  Tammy, Mom to Joely dx'd 1970 - gma to Emma dx'd 9-15-01.  Kansas  

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> Hello, everyone.  Last night our family flew back from vacation (Disney was 
> great about bringing in any food we needed, Universal slightly less so) and 
> started a conversation with the lady across the aisle.  She saw us testing 
> our son and told us that her brother has D since he was 2 (now he is 28).  
> The conversation was pretty normal, we discussed the pump, and  I thought, 
> wow , she really  knows what it's all about, right?  Wrong!  We took a turn 
> into the twilight zone when she told us that we should look into wheatgrass 
> juice, because it cured her friend who had insulin dependent diabetes!  Not 
> only that, but because this woman's son tested positive for the D gene, she 
> was feeding him wheatgrass juice daily in an effort to prevent  his getting 
> diabetes.  My husband and I just smiled politely and changed the subject, 
> because we knew that if we looked at each other, we would burst out 
> laughing.  I didn't want to argue with her, but come on...doesn't she know 
> that if it really worked, people all over the country would be throwing 
> away their pumps and having cure parties?
> Oh, well.  Just wanted to vent.  If only it were that simple.
> Chani L., mom to Mordechai Tzvi, age 7, dx 12/99
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