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RE: [IP] Testing nondiabetic kids

I have always checked both of my children at least once a month and always
found my son to have a higher reading than my daughter...but then again, he
was larger and a little overweight.

About three years ago, he came home during Christmas break from college and
I tested him and his b.g. readings fasting were a little on the high side
(150 or more).  He had also gained more weight and was trying to lose it but

I told him when he went back to school to have his blood checked for
diabetes and thyroid condition and yes, he has Type II and is now on
synthroid for his thyroids.  He takes glucophage and is under very good
control and his thyroid levels have come back into normal numbers.  He has
lost some weight and he has recently started the Sugar Busters way of eating
(more fibers no white starches, lower glycemic foods) and he says his b.g.
doesn't go low if he doesn't eat by 6:30 PM.

My daughter on the other hand, is a little overweight but not much and her
b.g. are pretty good but I have a feeling that one day when she gets
pregnant, she might develope gestational diabetes.

It could be that your children's hormones are playing a factor in their
b.g., who knows?  Just keep checking them and when you see something you
think requires medical attention, that's the time to bring them to the
doctor and have blood work done.

Just my experiences.

Kathy B.
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