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[IP] The pump and difficulties

Hi all:
I've been reading strings regarding being on the pump and it being more

In a way, it is true but in another it is not.

Let's see...when you were injecting, just how many times did you test your
b.g.?  How well were you in tune with your body and how it reacted to
different foods and fat?  Did you just shoot a steady amount of insulin and
never make adjustments for your b.g. when it was above your supposed

Well, I've been on the pump a little more than a year and a half and have
gone through two different insulins and thousands of b.g. checks.

The first thing I loved about the pump was not taking injections 4-5 times a
day and that was WITH carb counting on a 1/15 basis.  Control was still very

The one thing I did not like to do was check b.g. so often and write
everything down.  However, because I did this, I became much more aware of
just how messed up my control was prior to being on the pump.

I became very aware of how my body reacted to different foods and carbs and
definitely to fats even though I don't eat high fat foods anymore.

As for b.g. dropping after basal rates, this takes a lot of patience and
logging, testing and fasting in order to be able to get the basals set down

And if you are a female, then your hormones around period time will
definitely throw them off...

If you don't already have Pumping Insulin book, get it and read it. It will
give you step by step on how to go about checking your basal rates and how
to get them down pat and that is the first order of business.

Once that it set down pretty well, you can take the insulin to carb rates
and perhaps after logging, you will see, like I did, that I need different
rates for different meals.  This comes with lots of testing and logging.

I have to say that finally, I am getting some sort of better control after
all of this time and I am very happy about it.

I'm not saying there aren't factors that come into play when my b.g. goes
nuts for no reason but hey, they did that when I was injecting as well.

I was too ignorant of what was going on in my body to notice all of this.

Pumping does take a lot of work but it is definitely worth it in the end.

This is just my two cents and my experiences.

Kathy B.
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