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RE: [IP] Novalog vs Humalog

Hi Bonnie:
I changed from H to N several months ago.

My sites when using H wasn't lasting very long and I had burning sensation,
redness and itching.  Control wasn't that good either.

When changed to Nov. I didn't notice much change in basal rates like others
have reported.  From what I have read, I think mostly younger people (20 and
under) have had to change those.  Mine stayed the same.

My challenge came into fact that the Nov. has a longer tail and there is
still insulin working at least 5-6 hrs. after I take it...

However, after playing around with different dosages and all, my control has
been much better and I can leave sites in for up to 5 days without any
burning, itching, redness, etc...

But then again, each person is different.

Kathy B.
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