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[IP] Testing nondiabetic kids

Someone a few days ago posted (I believe) about her nephew and thinking
his bs were high.  I test my two children (ages 12 and 13) about every 6
months just to check on them.  They've always tested between 70 and 120. 
A few days ago my daughter, before bedtime, was 153 (after eating high
carb snack).  Today, my daughter was 128 after breakfast (Cheerios) and
my son was 146 after the same breakfast.  My husband was 91 (toast with
jelly).  I tested a few other times inbetween and they were all "normal."

I called my endo's office and was told that bg should normally not be
higher than 140.  She also said that a diagnosis of diabetes is not made
unless blood sugars are 200 or higher.  I'm just really concerned that
maybe both of my kids are on their way to that diagnosis.  I was 14 when
diagnosed.  Should I be concerned?  Does anyone else test their
nondiabetic kids; and, if so, what are their blood sugars?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Ruth Stingley
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