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Re: [IP] Why donate - isn't email and the web FREE?

On 2 Aug 2002 at 20:08, James Parsons wrote:

> > The vital difference is that we are an independent non-profit
> > organization (organized as such in the State of California) -
> > we have the costs of the computer equipment itself (and its old folks - it
> > is REALLY old - we are NOT using top of the line stuff here!), cost of a
> > place to PUT the computer equipment (eg. teeny-tiny office, but in
> > silicon valley, so rent is expensive), we have the costs of software,
> > and of the actual connection to the internet >
> Just a thought admins, since you are organized as a nonprofit (I assume you have
> your 501(c)3, can you not get hardware and software donated. I do this for a
> living. Just got major grants from IBM and Microsoft.
> (I think I know what's coming...)
> JP

Do you, James?  :>)   Yep, what IP could really use is someone experienced in writing Grant Proposals.  The equipment has been upgraded a bit since Susan last visited (I 
think, but then this stuff wears out quicker than home PCs) .  The main costs are in the day to day expenses AND in Michael's time.  The volunteer admins, chat hosts, 
board of directors, medical review board give of their time which helps out greatly, but there is still a GREAT demand on Michael's time.  Since 1997, Michael Robinton has 
given not only his time and devotion BUT also his own money.  All of this to see that so many of us, adults and kids alike, succeed in our new lives with pumping.  There 
are thousands of us who owe him more than a million in thanks.  If just a fraction of that could be repaid to him.   And this is a 501(c)3 established charity which 
compensates its director with a below poverty level wage.

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