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[IP] Why donate - isn't email and the web FREE?

  I can't wait.... Can you or anyone help writing for grants, IP has always
needed help with this part of fund raising. Yes, IP is a 501(c)3 . 
  Fund raising has alway been very hard for IP.. Michael from the very start
has done it all so if you or anyone can help do any kind of fund raising
PLEASE let one of the Admin or Michael know that you would like to help. 
This is some of the other ways you can help IP,
 become a CHAT HOST.....please, 
FAQ's and HOWTO's on these subjects 
If you would like to volunteer to write a FAQ or HOWTO, please contact
email @ redacted 

Where to hide the pump places ladies stash the pump and the gadgets used to
keep it there. 
FAQ on Humalog site corruption problem, possible solutions 
Tips and techniques on changing your set including leaving the old set in for
2 - 4 hour minimum (depends on insulin type) 
All about tape, skin irritation problems, cleaners, gunk removers,etc... 
Injecting into the QR fitting 
Sleeping with the Pump and intimate moments 
Estimating carbos at resturants and buffets 
Humor and the pump this one is a permanent assignment, it will grow...and
Kids and the PUMP parent volunteer needed here 
HOWTO start pumping or FAQ on new pumper experiences - what you learned in the
first few weeks. 
What to do about HIGH Blood Sugar - exercise, bolus, keytones, etc... 
I am sure there are more!! 

IP-administrator's HOWTO Read this if you have signed up to help administer
the list 
Read the How to write a HowTo or FAQ guide for the Insulin Pumpers Web Site
Read the IP Developers HOWTO about SGML tools and working in the Unix
environment. (text_version) 

To write a FAQ or HOWTO, and obtain an account on the development server,
contact email @ redacted 
  There are many jobs that need to be done to run IP....Michael has been doing
a great deal of them because no one has stepped up to do them. 





On Fri, 2 Aug 2002 20:08:51 -0500 James Parsons <email @ redacted> wrote:

> > The vital difference is that we are an
> independent non-profit
> > organization (organized as such in the State
> of California) -
> >
> > we have the costs of the computer equipment
> itself (and its old folks - it
> is
> > REALLY old - we are NOT using top of the line
> stuff here!), cost of a
> > place to PUT the computer equipment (eg.
> teeny-tiny office, but in
> > silicon valley, so rent is expensive), we
> have the costs of software,
> > and of the actual connection to the internet
> >
> Just a thought admins, since you are organized
> as a nonprofit (I assume you
> have your 501(c)3, can you not get hardware and
> software donated. I do this
> for a living. Just got major grants from IBM
> and Microsoft.
> (I think I know what's coming...)
> JP
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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