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[IP] Re: More dilution confusion!!!

Whooaaaaa-----if you think in terms of "pump strokes," maybe the MM508 and
this whole business of dilution confusion will straighten out a bit?  There
are so many theories being tossed about!!!  I dilute and you sweet people
are making me crazy!!!!

On page 78 of the little MiniMed book, it talks about "strokes."
U -100 .....  0.1  U per stroke
U - 50   ..... 0.05 U per stroke

If, for the silhouette insertion set, it says to use 1 unit to "prime it,"
that's equivalent to 10 strokes of the pump to fill it, if you're using U100
concentration.  Therefore, the volume of the tubing is equal to 10 strokes.
A stroke is a constant volume.  To get 10 strokes on a U50 concentration,
you would need to set the pump to .5 U.  The number of strokes is
equivalent, in this case it equals 10, to the volume necessary to fill the

Wonderfully clear, right?  (I'm running to hide!)

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