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Re: [IP] is it just me?

>I thought going on the pump was supposed to be much easier!

Nope.  Absolutely nothing easy about it.

>Is it just me?

Nope, same thing happens to me on a daily basis.  There is absolutely no 

I had thought when my endo first suggested a pump that I might have a little 
more freedom, but now I have less.  I can barely leave the house anymore 
because every time I get basal insulin, my bg's plummets.  It doesn't matter 
how much I lower it.  It doesn't seem to matter how much I test, there is 
just no pattern here, and no way to even things out.

I've pretty much had it.  My A1's have gone steadily *up* since pump start 
(12 pre-pump, 14 and 15 post-pump), and so have daily averages, because for 
every 15 carbs that I eat, my bg goes up by 300-350 points.  Its getting 
absolutely ridiculous.

Weird Jenn
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