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[IP] Sils infusions sets

I once used the soft-sets from Minimed and found the silhouettes a whole lot
better in terms of
1) less sweating around the site. The I-2000 tape was way too warm of an area
and I ended up sweating the tape off anyway.
2) it seems that I am getting a better site because, for whatever reason the
cannula goes in deeper and the angled site is less apt for me to pull off.
3) I am definitely not as itchy with the tape around the site - kind of going
with the too hot thing, I think the tape around the area is more breathable
than the 1-2000 tape.
The bad thing is that sometimes I hit muscle and bend the cannula putting it
in but it seems like "once in a blue moon". And I was paranoid about the big
inserter needle but have gotten over that when my sugars became better with
this site. Just food for thought Sharon B.
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