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Re: [IP] Pump screen locking up

It could just be the ACT button not making good contact with the sensor
underneath the button.  My 508's up button would actually register 2 times
on occasion and instead of .5 it would click twice for 1.0.  I've upgraded
to the Paradigm now and love the ease of changing the resevoirs now.  I just
pre-fill about 5 or 6 of them and have them ready at next change.

> I have been on the Minimed 508 since Nov. 2000. Just recently I have been
having trouble with my pump "locking" up. I go to give myself a bolus and I
push the "SEL" button and nothing. I try again...and the same. It usually
stays this way for at least a minute. I called MM this morning and tried to
get them to troubleshoot it for me. They didnt' really seem to know what
would have caused it to do that. I am having a replacement sent out to me
tomorrow. Has anyone else experienced this happening with your pump, and if
so...do you know what caused it. I would love to know!
> Paula
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