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re:[IP] is it just me?

Angela wrote,

I thought going on the pump was supposed to be much easier!  I've been on
it for a couple of months now, and my average blood sugars have gone done
by probably 25 points, averaging about 125 now.  Which is good, I think,
but I still feel like my blood sugars are erratic.

My response:


Be patient, and stick with it.  It is not just you.

It takes more than a couple of months to work out all the intricacies of rates.  You mentioned
that you adjusted your basals down during your monthly cycle, did you adjust them back afterwards?
 I have three different basal profiles:  One for PMS, one for weekends, and one for normal days. 
I have been pumping for 7 years, but I woke with a 202 the other morning.  These things happen for
a lot of reasons.  I am not sure what caused that high.  But, like you said, overall your average
(and mine) is much better than it was pre pump.  There is no magic, and there are a lot of
For instance: extra fat can delay the absorption of your carbs for HOURS.  Have you used a square
wave bolus to deliver over a certain amount of time? 
Keep a good log, especially about what food you ate, whether you exercised, stress level, anything
else that may impact your BG that day. You will be able to make sense from the data some of the
time, but there will be others that continue to be a mystery.  Hopefully the longer you pump, the
fewer mysteries you will experience.

Hang in there,

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