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Re: [IP] Why donate - isn't email and the web FREE?

At 02:12 PM 8/2/2002 Susan Fisher wrote:
 >So let's talk costs... other than the cost of labor, which is basically
 >free (volunteer- thanks to Michael and the entire admin group), we have
 >the costs of the computer equipment itself (and its old folks - it is
 >REALLY old - we are NOT using top of the line stuff here!), cost of a
 >place to PUT the computer equipment (eg. teeny-tiny office, but in
 >silicon valley, so rent is expensive), we have the costs of software,
 >and of the actual connection to the internet (think of how YOU are
 >getting on the internet, you are paying for it, right?!).

Thanks for the enthusiastic moral support.  Just as an addendum... Michael 
does get a small amount of money for his time in running this site. In my 
opinion, however, his time is priceless since this site wouldn't even exist 
without his tireless efforts. Also, commercial rates for Internet access, 
with the high traffic volumes that we have, is quite a bit more expensive 
than your personal Internet access. There is also the expense of the 
Web-page hosting, telephones, electricity, etc, etc.

Nothing in this world is truly free. There is a price to be paid somewhere, 
so please give what you can. And, if you can't donate, please don't worry 
about it... we keep this site going for everyone. There are no second-class 
pumpers here.

Sam Skopp
One of the volunteer Insulin Pumpers administrators
A pumper and a IP member since 1998
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