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[IP] Why donate - isn't email and the web FREE?

So I am the formerly active member who used to also play with admin
duty....  I am also a well-educated computer geek.  Many people (my
parents included) wonder why Insulin-Pumpers needs money.  They think of
hotmail and all the free web services on the net, how and why would
Insulin-Pumpers be any different?

The vital difference is that we are an independent non-profit
organization (organized as such in the State of California) - we do not
accept advertisements, we do not sponsor one pharmacy, one pump company
or one meter.  We are an INDEPENDENT forum where any pumper can speak
their mind - good or bad - about any product.  Do you really want a
moderated site, or one with pop-up ads?  NO!

So let's talk costs... other than the cost of labor, which is basically
free (volunteer- thanks to Michael and the entire admin group), we have
the costs of the computer equipment itself (and its old folks - it is
REALLY old - we are NOT using top of the line stuff here!), cost of a
place to PUT the computer equipment (eg. teeny-tiny office, but in
silicon valley, so rent is expensive), we have the costs of software,
and of the actual connection to the internet (think of how YOU are
getting on the internet, you are paying for it, right?!).

This amounts to a hefty annual total, which relies completely on
no-strings attached gifts (meaning we do not sponsor individual
pump/meter companies as mentioned before).

Let's look at membership... we have nearly FOUR THOUSAND members...
Don't donate to anything?  How about even a dollar?  Do you realize if
each individual member gave simply ONE DOLLAR, that would be
FOUR THOUSAND dollars.  While we are at it, why not $5?  Skip two lattes
- and there is your donation.

We also realize that some people canNOT make a donation, and we do not
judge members based on whether they contribute or not.  I recently
finished graduate school in computer science and had NO cash and
therefore never have contributed before (but talked mom and dad into it
:) ) - but now I do, and I will dutifully send in my donation now that I
feel I am financially able.

It's also easier than ever to donate - a few clicks of the mouse and
your donation will be charged to your credit card!  Easier than ever!
Please visit http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml

If you are against donating, I'd love to hear why OFF LIST.  Please
email me at email @ redacted - we cater to the needs of the group,
and if you feel that need is not being met, please let me know...

Off my soapbox,

PS:  I first learned about gushers on this site - but hadn't had one.
For a year or so after I read mail about 'gushers' I would only change
my site in the bathroom, but nothing ever happened... until last
Sunday!!!  In the bedroom, but thankfully with hardwood floors (no
stains ;) )
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml