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[IP] Site Problems

About a month ago I had a tummy-site infection that
caused my BGs to go wild - highs around 500,
unpreditable lows.  I had been using my tummy since I
resumed pumping 1993-ish.  I first attributed it to
the rebound-effect while I was playing tennis.

I switched to the love-handle area (there is probably
a better name for this area, but can't think of it
just now). Insulin absorption improved dramatically -
have been back to the total 25-30 units per day of
basal + bolus.  No inexplicable highs - on or off the
tennis court.

Yesterday I did a site change and decided to go back
to the tummy.  Suddenly my sugars are out of control
again.  Running back in the 200 range.  This morning
my BG was very very low.  Bolused for my standard
breakfast + ate a little bit for the low (that I
didn't account for in my bolus at breakfast).  By
mid-morning I was back up to over 400.  ARGHHH. 
Bolused to correct.  Came down in a couple of hours. 
Bolused for lunch. Ate lunch and on the sky-rocket
ride back up within an hour.

Came home this afternoon & immediately switched back
to the love-handle.

Here's my question to those of you who use the
love-handle sites.  How do you reach behind you to
insert and then put the tape on??  I'm not old and I'm
not out of shape (at least in my book) - but can't
seem to get the hang of reaching this site easily.

Thanks for any suggestions!

-gail in denver
dx'd 02/14/72 at the age of 11 (T1), No complications,
but am quickly losing my wicked sense of humor.

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