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[IP] Re: Crazy BG day!!

In a message dated 8/2/02 email @ redacted writes:

<< Do you have allergies?
Was it particularly hot that day?
Did you not sleep well the night before?
Were you stressed?...even good stress (excitement)... 
Is it near that time of month?
Just some ideas about why the weird BGs. >>

All good possibilities.  And also, bubbles.  I'm finding with the Animas, I 
so seldom have them that I sometimes get out of the habit of checking -- but 
I found one over an inch the other day, probably about 3 hours of my basal.  
Glad I had checked <gr.>.

And, with high readings, don't forget washing your hands (or whatever site 
you are using) and repeating the test sometimes solves the whole problem 

Linda Z
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