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Re: [IP] Silhouette users

In a message dated 8/2/2002 1:33:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< The purpose of U50 is because some pumpers have a very low basal rate and 
 keep the amount flowing, the insulin is diluted. When the poster primed
 0.40u it was because it was twice the *volume* (not strength). At U100, it
 will need twice that amount since it is double strength - in reality.
I don't think so.  Priming has nothing to do with the strength of the 
insulin.  It still takes the same volume so if the tube holds .4 units of 
u100 it will still hod the same volume which indeed would be .2 units of u50. 
 However if the pump does not measure the difference as the mm508 you would 
still have to prime .4 units even though you would only be pushing .2 units 
into the tube.  If the pump is set up in u60 then you would prime .2 units.


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