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Re: [IP] Silhouette users

>>>Priming the canula should be consistent regardless of the strength of the
insulin being pumped into it.   The canula will always hold the same volume
of liquid.   If it required .4 with U50 insulin, it will still only take .4
U100 insulin to fill the canula.

Calculating units to deliver for bolus/basal/correction adjustments are all
that should change when insulin strength changes. >>>

I disagree - check my previous post. The U50 was actually U100 with a
diluent added to give it more volume to keep the flow of delivery in the
same size tubing/canula. Therefore, it is HALF the strength.

Back in the olden days on shots, and the insulins went from U40 to U80 and
now U100, the SYRINGES also changed to accomodate the new strength as well
as new markings. I have an old glass syringe that has green markings for the
U80 side, and red markings for the U40 side. U80 was half the amount of U40.
A unit was still a unit, but a different measurement (volume).

Nothing has changed on the infusion tubing nor the canula in the pumping
situation. Therefore, the adjustment in volume is changed by setting the
pump to deliver U100 (there is a screen to set it for that) from the U50

The purpose of U50 is because some pumpers have a very low basal rate and to
keep the amount flowing, the insulin is diluted. When the poster primed
0.40u it was because it was twice the *volume* (not strength). At U100, it
will need twice that amount since it is double strength - in reality.

Once again, I'll state to check with your pump trainer/CDE or even MiniMed.

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