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Re: [IP] is it me? continued

>My endo said to wait and see the pattern because for awhile there I was 
>changing the basal too much (and they want me to try testing it again). 
>When I tested my basal the first part of this week (I skipped breakfast) I 
>actually got high, so I upped my basal .1 Now I'm wondering if I should 
>lower it again.

I think it's good advice that your endo gave to see if you have a pattern 
to your bgs.  Sometimes you need more than one basal test to assure that 
what you're seeing is not just a fluke.  There are so many factors that 
affect bgs, hormones, stress, that one test may not be an accurate 
result.  I believe you said that you haven't been pumping for too long, so 
you may just be over trying to get it all worked out right away.   Just 
watch the patterns, and eventually you'll get a handle on what's 
happening.  And, sometimes when you think you've finally got it worked out, 
it changes.  :o)  I've made basal adjustments over the past two years and 
periodically have to do basal testing to make sure everything's still 
ok.  It's a never ending battle, this diabeasties.

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