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Re: [IP] Thanks

> I was astounded by the number of replies I got regarding pumping
> doesn't seem to be in my future.  First, want to thank all the
> people (and, this is everyone who responded to my e-mail) whose
> first choice was to take that "diabetic guy" out to the woodshed 
> I will also be testing at least  4Xs a day.  And I will contact some
> of the different pump companies to see about sending information to
> my doctor.

Don't feel to bad about not testing. The most obvious reason that 
most people don't test is that they ride the dreaded "rollercoaster". 
Testing just tells you once again that you are out of control and 
there is really not much you can do about it. Who wants that news??? 
The good news is that a pump is exactly the tool that will allow you 
to be in control most of the time. Testing when you use a pump 
reinforces the message that you are succeeding and provides you with 
the information to manage diabetes instead of it controlling your 
life. For someone accustomed to MDI and the roller coaster this may 
be hard to grasp other than intellectually. Just remember, better 
days are ahead!!

> Something that just occured to me is that I am on an HMO right now. 
> I probably need to do my homework.  It could be they don't do pumps
> and that is the reason for the reluctance.

All insurance companies cover pumps (even if they say they don't).
Many of your fellow forum members have received denial of benefits 
from their insurance companies or refusal of a prescription and 
letter of medical necessity from their docs. As far back as I can 
remember (since IP began), I can recall one instance where an IP 
member did not win this battle.

Do your homework. the practice. Your best tools are knowledge about 
pumping and insight into why it would be a good thing for YOU. 

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