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Re: [IP] cataract sugery and taking time to heal???

If you are experiencing a clouding of the cornea and it feels like pressure 
is in the eye - call your doc.  Any colored halos around white lights and 
nausea - call your doc yesterday.  While it is not common for the pressure in 
the eye to elevate after cataract surgery, it can, especially if the patient 
has narrow angles where the fluid drains out.  Without seeing the eye or a 
history, of course no definite information can be given.  Yes it does take 
time for the eye to heal, but there are many factors that determine the 
amount of time to heal.  If it is bad enough to bother you or give you any 
concern - call the doc.
Hope all goes well!
Andy - ophthalmic medical technologist in training
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