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[IP] Thanks

I was astounded by the number of replies I got regarding pumping doesn't
seem to be in my future.  First, want to thank all the people (and, this is
everyone who responded to my e-mail) whose first choice was to take that
"diabetic guy" out to the woodshed for testing once and injecting 4 to 5
times.  All of you are correct.  I am shooting in the dark and it doesn't
actually show the kind of responsibility that is needed when you are
pumping.  Somehow, being told this by my fellow diabetics makes more of an
impact than from medical professionals who are not dealing with the disease

I do intend to get the book "Pumpin Insulin" as I have seen this recommended
time and time again.

I will also be testing at least  4Xs a day.  And I will contact some of the
different pump companies to see about sending information to my doctor.

Something that just occured to me is that I am on an HMO right now.  I
probably need to do my homework.  It could be they don't do pumps and that
is the reason for the reluctance.

At any rate, I wish to thank everyone for the vauluable input.  I'll keep
everyone posted on the progress!

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