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[IP] Silhouette users

Hi.  I'm about to switch Jon to NovoRapid (Novolog) from Lispro
(Humalog) and I have a question for those of you using the Silhouette

How much do you prime the canula?

We've been pumping diluted insulin since day 1 (U50) and now are going
to be pumping full strength (U100).  When pumping U50 we primed the
canula .40 units.  The pump did the rest of the calculation so we never
had to worry about volume vs. acutual units of insulin, now we do.
Well, now we don't really, except for the prime.  Prime is actual volume
where as before, we only worried about units and the pump always did the
calculation.  Now, it is full strength and the manual says to prime 1
unit, which is more than double the volume of .40 units.  (are you still
with me?)

My question?

How much is everyone priming their Silhouette canula's at U100 strength?


Mom to Julianna - 17, Danny - 15, Katrina - 11, Jonathan - 5, dx 08/00,
pumping since 03/02, and Nicholas - 3

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