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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #501

My goal two hours after eating is 140 or less.  Actually 132 is perfect
for me.  But then an hour after that it was 67, so I had to eat.  It goes
high fast, but then drops fast too.  Or at least, is has lately after
breakfast.  I haven't taken any correction boluses or anything.  And I'm
not unusually active at this time because I go to work and sit at a
desk.  Usually I don't test one hour later, but lately I have been just
to see a pattern.  And since it's going high but then dropping, I'm not
sure if I should change my basal or what.  My endo said to wait and see
the pattern because for awhile there I was changing the basal too much
(and they want me to try testing it again).  When I tested my basal the
first part of this week (I skipped breakfast) I actually got high, so I
upped my basal .1  Now I'm wondering if I should lower it again.

>Angela Smith wrote: > > >Sorry, I'm adding to my message but I just
checked my blood sugar. I > >mentioned earlier it was 155 this AM, then
it went to 205 one hour later, > >now one hour after that it is 132! It
dropped a lot within that time frame > >and I'm not sure what to do,
because that happened yesterday but it didn't > >get as high. It was 171
after breakfast and then dropped to 71 then 66. So > >it goes high but
then seems to drop. (next week will be a different story, > >it changes
weekly for me!) Could it be the Shredded Wheat I'm having for >
>breakfast, or the fact that I drank a small can of V8 juice and didn't >
>count the carbs (because my nutrionists told me not to on that). My >
>educator suggested I might try a dual wave bolus, but then I'm afraid >
>it'll go low. Or should I just chose a different kind of cereal? What do
> >you think? > >I'm curious, what do you expect to be one hour after
breakfast? If I were >155 at getting up, ate breakfast and bolused and
was 132 two hours after, I >would be a little lower than my goal range.
In fact, for me, testing one >hour after breakfast is too soon to test.
We have to remember that just >because we're pumping we are not going to
have bgs like a personal with a >working pancreas. Some of us may have
quick rises right after eating due >to our body's absorption rate of
insulin. If you're trying to reach a >lower goal one hour after breakfast
you may be bolusing too much resulting >in the low later in the morning.
What does your doctor think about your bg >levels? I have a friend who
goes to the same clinic as I do, and they >have him bolusing vigorously
for meals and running with very little >basal. But, if he decides to skip
a meal or to have one later than his >"scheduled" time, he has to take a
small bolus to cover him since he won't >have the meal bolus, which is
also covering some of his basal as well as >his meal. A different
approach, I suppose, but not one for me since I >don't keep to a real
tight schedule anymore and I would find that too >confusing and
restrictive. YMMV. > >RoseLea


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