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Re: [IP] is it me? continued

Angela Smith wrote:

>Sorry, I'm adding to my message but I just checked my blood sugar. I 
>mentioned earlier it was 155 this AM, then it went to 205 one hour later, 
>now one hour after that it is 132! It dropped a lot within that time frame 
>and I'm not sure what to do, because that happened yesterday but it didn't 
>get as high. It was 171 after breakfast and then dropped to 71 then 66. So 
>it goes high but then seems to drop. (next week will be a different story, 
>it changes weekly for me!) Could it be the Shredded Wheat I'm having for 
>breakfast, or the fact that I drank a small can of V8 juice and didn't 
>count the carbs (because my nutrionists told me not to on that). My 
>educator suggested I might try a dual wave bolus, but then I'm afraid 
>it'll go low. Or should I just chose a different kind of cereal? What do 
>you think?

I'm curious, what do you expect to be one hour after breakfast?  If I were 
155 at getting up, ate breakfast and bolused and was 132 two hours after, I 
would be a little lower than my goal range.  In fact, for me, testing one 
hour after breakfast is too soon to test.  We have to remember that just 
because we're pumping we are not going to have bgs like a personal with a 
working pancreas.   Some of us may have quick rises right after eating due 
to our body's absorption rate of insulin.  If you're trying to reach a 
lower goal one hour after breakfast you may be bolusing too much resulting 
in the low later in the morning.  What does your doctor think about your bg 
levels?  I have a friend who goes to the same clinic as I do, and  they 
have him bolusing vigorously for meals and running with very little 
basal.  But, if he decides to skip a meal or to have one later than his 
"scheduled" time, he has to take a small bolus to cover him since he won't 
have the meal bolus, which is also covering some of his basal as well as 
his meal.  A different approach, I suppose, but not one for me since I 
don't keep to a real tight schedule anymore and I would find that too 
confusing and restrictive.  YMMV.

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