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Re: [IP] is it just me?

Angela Smith wrote:

>Well, here's an example, a few weeks ago (during monthly cycle) my sugars 
>were always low at 2am, I'd eat a snack, they were still low. I lowered my 
>basals almost daily. Now last night it was 98, but I still had 1/2 cup 
>milk (which was what I usually have) because I knew it'd get low if I 
>didn't, and this morning it was 155. After breakfast, it was 205. 
>Yesterday morning it was 67, jumped to 171,! then went down to 71. I eat 
>relatively the same amount of carbs, etc. daily. Is it just me? Am I prone 
>to have erratic blood sugars?

I also occasionally have erratic bgs.  I believe that mine is due to 
hormone levels.  Since I hit menopause and my hormones are erratic, so are 
my bgs.  For me:  Tuesday am I woke up with a bg of 224 (normal for me is 
around 90-100), interesting thing, I decided to test for ketones since I 
was feeling a bit queasy and they tested almost to the highest point on the 
color chart!  I had already done a correction for the high using my same 
infusion site, but changed the site and then only bolused for the ketone 
correction per my doctor's instructions.  My bg came down fine and all was 
ok.  Usually when something like this happens for me, it's a sign that 
perhaps an infection is starting up somewhere, but so far I'm 
fine.  Wednesday I was right in my range getting up, but yesterday and 
today I was low -- 42 on Thursday and 54 today.  I didn't do anything 
different all these days, kept to my usual schedule during the week, ate 
pretty much the same and bolused as usual.  Go figure.  That's the hard 
part about having diabetes, there are so many "unknown" factors that can 
affect bg levels.  I would suggest charting out bg's for a few months to 
see if perhaps there's a correlation to your monthly cycle, stress levels, 
even site locations.   Your doctor or CDE could also offer suggestions.  YMMV.

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