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[IP] Re: Arm testing

I have tested my fingers and arm to see if I noticed any significant difference in BSg readings...............none-  Whats up with the suggestion that blood in your arm is up to  2 hours older then the blood in your fingers??  I thought the blood in your body is circulated- Can a medical professional step in here and help us figure this out?  As far as the arm stick vs finger stick issue, its one of distinct comfort- Yes I guess there are some out there that prefer the finger, just like there are those who only have a little red mark after changing an infusion site after 5 days.  But for most of us, I just can't see why anyone would continue to prick one of the most sensitive parts of our body when an arm stick works just as well with 1/5 or so of the blood.  Would One Touch have their meter approved if if it were not accurate?   And what are we talking about here with the arm vs finger blood age????, If it is true, is it only a few points on a BSg that we see on finger test!
 by using different sticks anyway?  ho out there has actually trsted to see besides me? Have any of you ever tested twice in row and ever got the same result? It's all perspective- Just make sure that if you use your arm, you use the correct lancet device enclosed with the meter.  Using a finger lancet device for the arm will not work-  And maybe that's why some kids prefer their fingers.  All I can say if done correctly, arm testing is about 1/20th the pain and hassle compared to using the fingers.  And for you parents out there, please remember your kids only have so much skin surface on their fingers.  Even if they want to keep up with the finger, rotating the arm in will help in the long run-  I just don't buy that arm testing is significantly less accurate than finger test- Not on this body anyway- At least compare before deciding that arm testing is not for you or the one you care for-

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