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[IP] is it just me?

I thought going on the pump was supposed to be much easier!  I've been on
it for a couple of months now, and my average blood sugars have gone done
by probably 25 points, averaging about 125 now.  Which is good, I think,
but I still feel like my blood sugars are erratic.  I don't get as high
or as low, but everything seems to affect it.  Daily, or at least weekly,
it seems my insulin needs are changing and I don't know what to do about
it anymore.  I keep a log, I try to write down everything that may have
affected it.  Well, here's an example, a few weeks ago (during monthly
cycle) my sugars were always low at 2am, I'd eat a snack, they were still
low.  I lowered my basals almost daily.  Now last night it was 98, but I
still had 1/2 cup milk (which was what I usually have) because I knew
it'd get low if I didn't, and this morning it was 155.  After breakfast,
it was 205.  Yesterday morning it was 67, jumped to 171,! then went down
to 71.  I eat relatively the same amount of carbs, etc. daily.  Is it
just me?  Am I prone to have erratic blood sugars?  I was hoping to have
some semblance of normalcy.  Sometimes I don't even know what type of
bolus to take anymore!  Anybody else have this problem and anybody know
what I can do to help find a pattern?



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