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[IP] Re: Arm testing

At 09:07 AM 8/2/02, you wrote:
>email @ redacted wrote:After being on a One Touch Ultra for 3 months 
>using my arms exclusively, I
>can't imagine why any parent strong enough to put there child on a pump would
>still be testing via the fingers- It's stone age- I say it this way not as a
>mean minded critique, but as a way to get my point accross to at least try
>using the arm for testing- You kid might find testing to be too easy-
>email @ redacted

According to documentation with the Ultra test strips, there are times when 
arm testing is not recommended.  This is from the package insert (do any of 
us really read those?) ;o) :

"Use arm samples only for testing prior to, or more than two hours after, 
meals, insulin dose, or physical exercise.
Testing preformed within two hours after meals, and insulin dose, or 
physical exercise, or whenever you fell that your glucose levels may be 
changing rapidly, should be done from the fingertip.
You should also use fingertip testing whenever you have a concern about 
hypoglycemia (insulin reactions) such as when driving a car, particularly 
if you suffer from hypoglycemic unawareness, as arm testing may fail to 
detect hypoglycemia."

And, as always, YMMV.

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