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Re: [IP] GlucoWatch /2 stamps

>>> I figured I didn't have anything to lose by asking and all it cost me
was 2 stamps and a little bit of my time ...>>>

I hope people realize that the second stamp (and additional ones) are NOT
37c each. They are ONLY 23c. If you have a food scale measuring in
grams/ounces, weigh your letters and figure the actual costs. I often am in
an -ologist's office and see mail ready to go out and there is a row of
first-class stamps on an envelope. Probably it was a *guess* as to how much
to put on, besides all of them being first-class stamps.
I was in Best Buy once where they had about a dozen envelopes with $1.10 too
much on each piece. The manager's mind went wild stating each and every
store sends those same reports out daily and multiply that by $xxx and it's
quite costly. I should have been given a gift card. ;-)

I mention to the person sitting in the -ologist's office that they are
wasting a lot of money - especially since I'm sure that isn't the only
envelope which is sent that way - but they usually shrug and say, "We don't
have any 23c stamps."  DUHHH - where did they get the 37c ones????? (~_^)

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