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Re: [IP] It doesn't look like there is a pump in my future.

> I was at Doctor's office yesterday  and discussed a pump with my nurse
> practicioner.  She was not particularly gung-ho about the idea.

It's not HER life - that's why. :-(((

> First, I would have to be referred to an endocrinologist which seems to be
> sticky situation with the office.

It's YOUR life - get the referral. ;-)))

> Then, I was informed that I would have to test as much if not more when I
> went to a pump.  (I'm supposed to test 4x a day.  In reality, I test once
> day and inject 4 -5 times with an average being 40 units)

Pumps take work, but worth it. It's a new-found life. I test 6-10x a day. It
is actually fascinating to see how the control is by doing this. The best
thing is, I'm not blaming myself for being *bad*, but for errors in
calculations that can be easily corrected.

> Another    problem was that she said I would have to change sites  every
> other day and for as often as I would have to change, it would be just as
> easy to inject.

*IF* you change every other day (2 days) that would mean 8-10 injections
compared to ONE infusion site. Doesn't sound like it's just as easy to
inject to me. Many pumpers changeout every 3-4 days (I do 5).

> Finally, I take Lantus and R insulin.  She seems to think that I am
> getting some control lately.

What is your A1c? Also, with one test a day, you really don't know what kind
of *actual* control you have. The A1c is an AVERAGE of your blood sugars
over the last 3 months. What is your fasting BG? What about 2 hrs. after
eating pizza? Right now you might be running in a level above acceptable
ranges during periods of time and really not know it since you do not test.
When applying for a pump, you need to submit records of at least 4 tests a
day so it really would be wise to start those records. You may be very
surprised at the erratic BGs that you may not be aware of now.

> I    guess I will be taking it one day at a time for now.
> Chris

Yep, we all have to do that, but I'll encourage you to pursue pumping. Call
the pump companies (or visit websites) and request videos and literature so
you can have better information. The pump companies also have departments
especially set up to encourage doctors to Rx pumps.

Remember, too, the medical people work for you - you can always fire them
and hire new ones who are going to go to bat in your favor! Over 300,000
pumpers are worldwide, you might as well join the gold-standard of DM care
available today. (~_^)

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