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RE: [IP] It doesn't look like there is a pump in my future.

Hey Chris,
If you're doing ok with the Lantus and R, then stick with it.

Yes, you do have to check more often when you are on the pump to get good
control and to make sure nothing is going wrong.

I was very surprised to read that you inject 4-5 x's a day and only check
once a day!  How do you know how much insulin to take?  That is like
guessing how much insulin your body needs for each meal...

Are you carb counting at least?  You worry me and so do other diabetics who
only check once or twice a day and just keep shooting the same amt. of
insulin whether they need it or not.

If you are not getting good control with injections, then I say go for the
pump but you do need to log a lot and check a lot and you don't have to
change the site every other day.  With Humalog, I had to change at least
every third day but now on Novalog, I change every 5 days as long as there
are no problems with my site.

Good luck to you and please, I know you don't like to stick your finger so
often, but do test more often...

Kathy B.
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