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Re: [IP] So far... So Good

>>>Heather has been pumping for almost 4 hrs now and is doing wonderful..
<snip> well at 1:30 they had her check her bg's and she was 459 BIG OOPS
anyway she hooked up bolused and checked for ketones.. came back negative
and 2 hrs later was down to 224.. she corrected again (they want her to
correct to 150) and here in a few minutes i'll have her check again to make
sure she is back down to normal.. <snip> she checked her bg's before I hit
send and its now at 166... Rochelle >>>

However, don't forget the *unused insulin rule*. Correcting too soon can
cause trouble. This is covered in the Pumping Insulin book (3rd edition) by
John Walsh and Ruth Roberts (can be procured through IP for same cost as
Amazon and a donation is given to IP). Since she was 166 her last check, be
sure to check again to see if it's *stable* or continuing to drop. (~_^)

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