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[IP] So far... So Good LOL

Heather has been pumping for almost 4 hrs now and is doing wonderful.. she was
a bit high before she started because we accidently forgot to cover breakfast
(I know I know lol.. but we ate in the car on the way to Dr appt for my 6 yr
old this morning) and she had only taken 1 unit of humalog at 8am.. so
obviously when she was 385 at lunch time she was like oops... anyway she took
insulin to correct the high and then ate lunch .. then because we were going
to be starting the pump at 1pm she decided not to take another shot
immediately after she ate to cover carbs.. this time it was my fault because I
told her in 1/2 hr she would be hooked to the pump and could bolus.. I was
trying to save her an extra poke.. anyway we get to the appt and they told us
it would be about 35 min before we hooked her up.. (paperwork had to be done
first) we told them how high she was and that she had only covered the high
and not lunch they said oh ok..we'll speed things up.. well at 1:30 they had
her check her bg's and she was 459 BIG OOPS anyway she hooked up bolused and
checked for ketones.. came back negative and 2 hrs later was down to 224.. she
corrected again (they want her to correct to 150) and here in a few minutes
i'll have her check again to make sure she is back down to normal.. I'm really
glad Heather was able to see her Dr's orders on today because it specifically
said she is to check every 2 hrs until 10 pm and then at midnight and 3am ..
which will be a long day and night for me .. but thats ok.. this is so much
better.. thanks to this list and all your support.. I couldn't have been this
far along without your support and help .. Ok.. LOL she checked her bg's
before I hit send and its now at 166... we can handle that .. Thanks again ..
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